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Pushing Forward In An Unknowable Future

As we continue to reap the effects of Covid-19 on our economy and mental health, I am reminded of the quote by legendary coach John Wooden.  “Things turn out best for the people who make the best of the way things turn out.”

While the situation that everyone has been faced with globally is not ideal, we must continue to push forward.

Every morning as I start my day, I think about three things I am grateful for and three things I will do to enhance my personal goals and professional goals.  As someone who has a 9-5 job and now someone who has a 5-9 with RightHand, I am learning more and more about the things that matter.  Family, faith, friends and living life.  It also means finding your passion, taking a leap of faith and sticking to it.  

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As April begins, I realize that life has, and will continue to change for many of us.  When unexpected change comes, we have no choice but to adjust or adapt.  Whether you think about it or not, a large part of life requires making adjustments.  Even if you are comfortable at your current state, adjustments can be essential in maintaining comfort.  For the rest of us, adjustments are needed to accomplish our goals.  We never know exactly what will happen tomorrow, lets just hope for the best and make any necessary modifications.

I am using this time to reflect and taking the leap into the unknown. RightHand has been a part of my life quietly for almost two years. It is now time for me to step into the unknown and introduce the world to RightHand.

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